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Wholesale Cycle House was established in 1964. Based in Johannesburg, Wholesale Cycle’s primary business has been the sourcing and distribution of sensational and innovative bicycling products at down to earth prices. The ideas and philosophies of the company remain today. To continually make available bicycling products that are exceptional, that is disruptive, that are affordable and that is so cool! We can deliver Quality bikes to your door at Wholesale Direct Prices.

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For Reid, freedom is key. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’re into, whether you ride for fun, or enjoy getting technical our range of Mountain Bikes (MTB’s) offer a platform to grow for everyone. If you love to get off the beaten track and beyond, then an MTB is the perfect choice. Built tough to handle a wide range of terrain from groomed trails to rugged singletrack, our range of MTB’s will let you get amongst it. Our Mountain bikes can be used for exploring your freedom; tearing up the trails, covering some serious cross-country miles or an easy river path ride on the weekend

Kids Aluminum

Nothing beats getting your first bike and with our great range of kid’s bikes, your little ones will be all set to experience the joys of exploring the world on two wheels. They are built tough to deliver huge fun and longevity for little riders, with the quality and safety features that parents love to see. Specifically designed to suit smaller bodies, our kids’ bikes offer the perfect ride to get out and be free, because we believe that on two wheels, so much more can happen in life.


Our range of Retro Vintage bikes have been inspired by the classic Dutch bike, where modern componentry meets timeless design. Our Comfort bikes ensure that you don’t sacrifice comfort for style and performance, they will you get from A to B in comfort. There’s a model for everyone united by a desire to do things differently, so if you’re looking to explore your freedom, ride to work or meet up with friends on a sunny afternoon then you’ve taken the right first step.


Ride it! Steer it! Brake it! The Fixie Balance Bike is the world first race styled balance bike. Designed just like a road racing bike, this high-quality balance bike makes first-time riders feel like real grown-up cyclists and the bikes have has all the attributes to assist with balance and confidence building. Race-styled lightweight steel frame set with integrated footrest, adjustable quick release seat, super-duper race drop bar with two hand positions, RubberSkin tires & footbrake!


The BMXie balance bike doesn't compromise: a real MTB/BMX-styled bicycle frame, oversized tubing but extremely lightweight, adjustable seat without tools and a removable footrest. Need anything more? Maybe a detachable front number plate with various stickers? You Got it! This is probably the coolest balance bike in the world! Airless RubberSkin tires are a new kind of tires that give you the best grip possible, and you don’t even need to inflate them. A foam core means they cannot puncture; an outside rubber layer makes them just like rubber tires, unlike other foam tires on the market. Great grips and no pumps – that’s best of both worlds. Exactly what every Chillafish BMXie rider needs!


The Bunzi gradual balance bike from Chillafish is a unique 2-in-1 balance bike that can be switched between 3-wheel mode and 2-wheel mode in just a few seconds. Teach your child balance in a fun and step-by-step way: start in 3-wheel mode and switch to 2-wheel mode only when your child is ready. Switch back and forth as many times as you want. The seat position in 3-wheel mode is low to the ground for comfort, the seat position in 2-wheel mode is higher for making more speed. The Bunzi is light and easy to carry by the handgrip, it has silent indoor and outdoor TPE wheels and a nice little storage trunk in the seat. It is made of high-quality ABS material and wrapped in a unique bunny-style design. This nice little bunny is sure to become your kids best bike buddy.

From the many bikes, brands are out there and through all the noise and hype, it was an easy choice for Wholesale Cycle to sell Australia’s fastest growing bike brand – REID – Here’s why …

A couple of years ago when James Reid decided to buy a bike, he quickly realized that bike dealers were expensive, and the quality of mass merchant bikes was dreadful. Exactly where perspective South African cyclists may find themselves today. Reid decided to create his own brand of bikes -that was high quality, looked fantastic and most importantly were of great value. He imported a container and started selling bikes from his garage. Today REID is a household brand in Australia and internationally recognized in over 20 countries. Still with the same taste for disruption and passion for making great quality bikes accessible to everyone at down to earth prices.

REID’S world-class design and specification team work closely with the major global parts suppliers and the very same factories as the traditional brands in order to bring you the best possible price on quality bikes.

From design through to sourcing, production and quality control, REID has control over every step it takes to build a great bike. Solid bikes are now accessible to every kind of rider, novice to experienced, casual to obsessive, style-conscious to technically-minded.

So whether you are riding about town, climbing the winding country roads or bombing down a coarse mountain incline, REID bikes will deliver what you need to explore your freedom, in the way you want.

Great bikes that people love to ride.

Wholesale Cycle has leaped at the opportunity to market CHILLAFISH one the worlds preferred and fast becoming South Africa’s favorite Balance Bike.

Chillafish inspires active fun with cool innovative products that enhance play at an affordable price. Our bikes assist in children’s physical development, coordination, motor skills, balance, and ultimate self-confidence. Our aim is to achieve a perfect balance between function, design and play value.

Designed in Europe and manufactured to the highest levels of quality and safety. Products are fully compliant with European Union & USA quality standards. It is no wonder that Chillafish products are sold with confidence by the world’s leading retailers.

South African parents are increasingly appreciating the advantages of a Chillafish balance bike. The uncompromised design that appeals to kids is evidenced by our youngster’s smiles and love for their bikes. Chillafish products are exceptionally well thought out and designed from scratch with children’s needs being the priority. Designing and creating extraordinary balance bikes for kids takes precedence over easily manufactured designs that are evidenced in so many of the balance bikes in our market.

Chillafish kids love being active and playing in the way they deserve to play, with state-of-the-art and beautiful products. We are Play Innovation.

So Much Functionality …So Much Design…So Much Value….