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How does the Bunzi seat adjust?

The Bunzi seat “grows” with your child in the sense that the seat position in 3-wheel mode is low for comfort and ease of use (learning to get on and off), and in 2-wheel mode it is slightly higher for more speed and ergonomics. So, it actually grows with the development of the child. Don’t worry, in this young phase (between 1-3 years) the seat height is less important for performance. The main objective is to be safe and close to the ground to feel comfortable and stimulate learning.
Seat height in 3-wheel mode is 22cm.
Seat height in 2-wheel mode is 25cm.

Why a balance bike and not training wheels?

A balance bike takes away the complexity of learning combined pedaling, steering and balancing on a bicycle all at the same time. A balance bike is a very fun way for kids to gradually learn balance, starting from a much younger age than with a regular bicycle. Once the child is ready to learn to ride on a regular bicycle, the balance and steering skills have already been mastered and there’s only one new skill to learn: pedaling. Kids that use a balance bike at an early age all have shown to master a bicycle much quicker. Oh, and don’t think the balance bike is not interesting anymore once your kids are riding a bicycle. The balance bike usually stays the favorite “play” ride for your kids for many more years: the bicycle on the roads for driving, the balance bike around the house for quick maneuvering and fun playing.

Does a balance bike need a hand brake?

Due to their motor skills children starting to learn to ride a balance bike at the age of approx. 2 years (or earlier in case of the gradual balance concept Bunzi) and are not able to stop by themselves with the handbrake. Their natural instinct is to put their feet on the ground when they feel the need to stop. The simplicity of stopping using their feet is encouraged, the child does not need the extra stress of trying to rely on a hand brake. In any event especially in younger kids, their small hands and fingers are not strong enough to efficiently apply a brake. Less distractions result in a more enriching and sustainable learning experience. Even children capable of using a brake revert to using their feet…. especially if they must stop quickly.
There is also a risk that if the bike is fitted with a hand brake, the supervising persons may be lulled into a false sense of security and not pay enough attention to the learner. Balance bike makers often add a hand brake more for the adult rather than the kid.

Which bike is the perfect size for my child?

Every CHILLAFISH product has a recommended age range indicated on the packaging and on our website. This age range is recommended for average height kids. Some important facts to consider:
Bunzi is a gradual balance trainer with the purpose to start young – as from 1/1,5 years old – and grow into balance. It is not a standard balance bike which is typically slightly bigger. Most customers buy a Bunzi for a child around 1 years old and allow the child to ride it once they start feeling comfortable walking for a few weeks.
At these early ages, being comfortable, safe and close to the ground is more important than pure ergonomics. Even if your kids are tall and a little higher than the recommended age range, you might see that they have a lot of fun riding on their favorite toy as it’s easy to maneuver being close to the ground.
Although we don’t recommend to buy our BMXie or Fixie over the age of 5 , we do see most kids continually loving the products at that age older.

How do I use the BMXie’s foot support?

You can easily stow away the foot support under the frame of the BMXie and install it for use whenever your kid feels ready. When installed, your kid can make some speed and have fun while putting their feet on the foot support and continue to go forward. Also, really fun when riding down a small hill. The foot support further assists the rider to find their center of gravity and offers a place to rest one’s feet.

If you may need any further product information, please mail our support wholesalecyclesupport@global.co.za