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How To Guide

With all shipped bikes, some assembly is required. They come in a box, around 80% assembled, to prevent damage during transit. We recommend that the assembly is done by a bike mechanic or other suitably qualified person, as damage caused by incorrect assembly (such as installing the pedals the wrong way around) is not covered by your warranty. However, assembling a bike is quite easy and fun. If you’ve got yourself a ladies’ vintage bike be sure to watch our video below!

Bicycle Owner’s Manual

A great guide for getting started on your new bike. Download the manual HERE!

Bicycle Assembly Instructions

Everything you need to know to assemble your Bike! Check out our assembly guide     https://www.reidbikes.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Bike-Assembly-Guide.pdf

Pedal Installation Guide

Everything you need to know to install Pedals on your Bike! Check out our installation guide HERE!



Ladies Vintage Assembly Video