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Our progressive frame geometries have allowed us to retain the advantages of bigger wheels — namely speed, better traction and rollover — while providing desirable ride characteristics associated with smaller wheels. Thanks to slacker head angles, short stems and steep seat tube angles, today’s 29er are more flickable and nimble, appealing to more than just spandex-clad racers.

Built for true trail performance and designed in collaboration with elite cross country and trail riders, we bring you the Xenon – the most capable trail bike in it’s class.

A mix of trail optimised geometry and high spec components give an incredible ride for flowing singletrack and epic bush. With a whole host of top end features, the Xenon is trail ready

The Xenon is the perfect first step into the epic world of singletrack and bush riding on a 29er. Confidence inspiring geometry allows you to develop into the sport with ease.



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