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CHILLAFISH BMXie -RS Coolest kids balance bike in the world

Most balance bikes are made up of some steel or aluminum tubing, some paint, two wheels , a sticker and done.

The BMXie RS is the balance bike that doesn’t compromise: a real BMX/MTB-styled bicycle frame, over-sized tubing but extremely lightweight. A Superduper cool design, adjustable seat without tools and a removable footrest.

Need anything else? Maybe a detachable front number plate with various stickers? You got it… and more…

Maybe you’re in need of a bike with tires that don’t need pumping, like, never ever? ….Guess what   At Chillafish, we figured out a way. No pumps, No breakdown assistance, No compressors !    

The BMXie RS is now kitted with Airless RubberSkin tires, a new kind of tires that give you the best grip possible, and you never need to inflate them. A foam core means they cannot puncture, an outside rubber layer makes them just like real tires, unlike other foam tires on the market.

Great grip and no pump – that’s the best of both worlds. Exactly what every Chillafish rider needs.

We allways said that  BMXie was probably the coolest balance bike in the world. With the innovative RS-tires, it certainly is.


BMXie RS in the Playground

From the first sketches to the coolest balance bike in the world… it took about 2 years to develop. With all the specs and features we incorporated  into this cool design , we think it was worth the effort.

At Chillafish we don’t take a market item and give it a little twitch to make it look like a Chillafish product. We design from a white sheet of paper and start from scratch. That is why this bike looks and is , so special and unique.


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