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CHILLAFISH Fixie Fixed-Gear Styled Balance Bike with Integrated Footrest, Footbrake and Airless Rubber Skin Tires


CHILLAFISH are at the forefront of innovation and design, especially when it comes to children’s balance bikes.

Our balance bikes encourage active play and the bikes are so appealing to kids, that a healthy activity becomes an attractive alternative to sitting in front of a TV!

The Fixie Balance Bike is the world first ‘drop bar’ race styled balance bike.
Designed just like a road racing bike, this high-quality balance bike makes first-time riders feel like real grown-up cyclists and the bikes have has all the attributes to assist with balance and confidence building.

The Fixie is designed to look and feel like a fixed-gear bicycle, it is  manufactured with an strong lightweight steel frame and is equipped with padded handlebars for two different hand positions, you can either hold your hands on the hood, or if you’re feeling more confident, on the top…….just like the roadies.
Not only do you get real drop handlebars , the Fixie is spec’d with an adjustable height sporty seat  … and the best part.. the Fixie comes with a foot brake!

It doesn’t stop there, the Fixie wheels are manufactured using Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a mixture of rubber and plastic, which allows the bike to move almost silently on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This also means that the Fixie Balance Bike’s wheels do not mark or scratch surfaces and great for both indoor & outdoor robustness and comfort. These tires offer great grip, comfort and No pumping or punctures.

The Fixie Balance Bike is designed to help your young ones gain their sense of balance, whilst at the same time building their confidence and of course have healthy active play. Balance bikes are the perfect first step when it comes to children learning how to cycle. Once your child can balance, steer, turn and brake, they’ll surely be ready to begin pedaling!

Next thing you know they’ll be standing on the podium at the Champs-Élysées, after winning the Tour de France.


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