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If you are dissatisfied with an item purchased from our website you may return it to our Marshalltown warehouse for a refund, replacement or exchange provided that the conditions of our Refund & Exchange policy have been satisfied.

We will exchange or refund a product provided that:

There is valid proof of purchase.
It is within 14 days of the original purchase date.
It is in its original unopened  packaging or condition, i.e. all the carton seals are intact and the product is unused.

All refunds are processed strictly in accordance with the original sales tender type and only after confirmation that the funds were received in our bank account.

Please note that the cost of couriering the product back to our Warehouse shall be incurred by the purchaser.

If you wish to return something that you purchased online at www.wholesalecycle.co.za because the item you received is either damaged or not what you ordered, please contact us at wchsupport@global.co.za

Wholesale Cycle does not take title to returned items until the item/s arrives and is receipted at our Marshalltown warehouse.

The customer is responsible to return the item/s to our Marshalltown warehouse. Wholesale Cycle does not collect returns from any third party location.

If the product was used for its intended purpose and design and in accordance with the product’s instructions and/or user manual and is found by the customer to be faulty, Wholesale Cycle may liaise with the supplier on behalf of the customer in terms of replacement or repair.

No refunds, repairs or exchanges will be actioned on purchases where the products that have been misused or purposely damaged. There may be a courier cost to have certain products repaired. This cost is for the customer’s account and will be quoted upfront.

More detailed warranty conditions can be found bellow.

To avoid processing delay, please return item with instructions and contact details.


See REID Warranty https://www.reidbikes.com/warranty/

The REID warranty applies only to the original owner of the product and is not transferable. The warranty does not cover any commercial use of the product. The warranty only covers riders under and up to 100kgs. Any modifications including motorised conversions or custom adaptations that may cause the frame duress will void all warranties. All returns are subject to us receiving the item back within 14 days of receipt by the customer. Items must be returned with their original packaging and, unless they were damaged prior to you receiving them, must still be in an undamaged, unused and sellable condition. Improper assembly or maintenance may void your warranty. Consumable components such as tyres, tubes, bearings, spokes, chains, cassettes, chain rings, brake shoes and cables are excluded from our express warranty. Shipping and labour charges are not included in this warranty. Reid Cycles will replace or repair at their discretion any frame found to be defective in materials or workmanship, this does not include any damage caused to the frame due to a crash, abuse or stunt riding. Bottle cage or pannier rivets that may work lose over time are also not covered by this warranty. Surface rust is not included in this warranty. Structural rust that may compromise the safety of the bike is included, however, if this has resulted from obvious neglect or mistreatment you may void your warranty. Replacements will be made with frames of current design that may not be exact duplicates of originally purchased goods. The frame model used for replacement will not be lower in value than the original frame. This warranty gives you specific rights in addition to other rights you may have.


Warranty conditions

Claims under the warranty are only valid when either

  1. the original purchase receipt is submitted with your product identification to your distributor or retailer, or
  2. all information, including product identification, purchase date and point of purchase are submitted online through chillafish.com/talk.

Your product identification can be found on the Chilla label on your product.

CHILLAFISH products are covered by the following limited warranty, subject to

the restrictions indicated below:

  • 18 months from date of purchase on the frame (regular use).
  • 6 months from date of purchase on all parts (regular use).
  • The warranty only applies to material/construction faults on the product and/or parts

The warranty is not applicable and/or is invalidated in the following cases:

  • The product has been handled without due care, has been involved in an accident, or has been fitted with non-approved
  • Damage has occurred through extreme use such as sharp braking and skidding.
  • The product has not been assembled as per instructions or has not been correctly maintained.
  • Parts fitted afterwards do not match the product’s technical specifications or original parts have not been used or have not been fitted correctly.
  • The product is used for professional purposes (rental, events, playgrounds, schools, etc.).
  • Technical repairs to the product were not carried out professionally.
  • Replacement of parts such as chains and tires were not carried out on time.

Under no circumstances The CHILLAFISH Company N.V. can be held responsible for damage to the product or parts thereof as a result of incorrect adjustment/ tightening of parts such as the chain(s), bolts, tire(s) or hub.

Any damage, injury, loss or other problems arising from inappropriate use, abuse, violence, lack of maintenance or ordinary wear are not subject to warranty or claim.

The CHILLAFISH Company N.V. and its distributors will not accept any charges for repairs that have been made without prior approval by a CHILLAFISH distributor, even where the damage repaired would normally be covered by warranty conditions. The final decision on whether or not broken or damaged parts are covered by the warranty is made by an approved CHILLAFISH distributor. If the warranty request is not approved, all costs shall be charged to the owner.